Finds every leak.

​Now with an ever finer nose.

PHOENIX leak detectors from Leybold: precise, rapid, convenient and smart

​Discover the all-new PHOENIX leak detectors from Leybold: more precise, rapid and intuitive than ever


​Improved measurement system for highest accuracy and reliability


Fastest helium pumping speed for most efficient measurements


​Innovative touchscreen with intuitive menu structure


First portable detector with easy Wi-Fi login

​Watch our new PHOENIX "noses" in action

Watch our new PHOENIX "noses" in action

Leak detection: the newest generation

All-new PHOENIX leak detectors from Leybold
​In research and development as well as in production, having the right tools and equipment is critical to ensuring top performance and output. We also see applications becoming more specialized, and demands increasing, yet time for analysis and testing is becoming less. 

When it comes to vacuum system leak detection, you can rely on Leybold and the newest generation of PHOENIX leak detectors - where precision meets speed, with your convenience in mind.

A new degree of precision

Now with an even finer nose
Whether you are in a research lab, or producing high-class goods, quality depends on how accurately you detect deviations. Now, help is at hand: the new PHOENIX generation delivers high helium sensitivity for enviable reliability and stability.

A new level of speed

New measurement system with faster response times.
If you are looking to accelerate the leak test of your system or speed up quality control in manufacturing, time is of the essence. The new measurement system delivers fast response times.

A new dimension of comfort and choice

Monitor your measurements from anywhere.
​The new PHOENIX is available in three models, so you’re sure to find the right leak detector for your needs.  New software functions let you add an external display to monitor and run measurements from anywhere. And with internal and external data logging, no measured value is lost.

  • ​Research & Development
  • ​UHV Applications
  • ​Industrial Applications
  • ​Industrial Production
  • ​Semiconductor
  • Compact systems enable optimum use of available space
  • High mobility and flexibility
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Intelligent reminders and convenient data logging options
  • Change easily between different users: Set up user profiles and log in quickly
  • Change easily between different experiments: Create the test set-up and save up to 10 parameter sets
  • Easy data analysis and documentation using a variety of interfaces

Your best bet: PHOENIX Quadro or Vario on a mobile cart

    Kompakte Systeme ermöglichen die optimale Nutzung des verfügbaren PlatzesHohe Mobilität und FlexibilitätLeichte, intuitive BedienungIntelligente Erinnerungen und bequeme Optionen zur DatenaufzeichnungEinfacher Wechsel zwischen verschiedenen Benutzern: Individuelle Benutzerprofile erstellen und schnell einloggenEinfacher Wechsel zwischen verschiedenen Experimenten: Testaufbau festlegen und bis zu 10 Parametersätze speichernEinfache Datenanalyse und -dokumentation über verschiedene Schnittstellen

Three strong solutions

  • ​PHOENIX Quadro & Quadro dry
    PHOENIX Quadro & Quadro dry
  • PHOENIX Magno & Magno dry
  • PHOENIX Vario


  • ​The modular version with a much smaller housing
  • Space-saving and portable, very light in weight
  • Ideal for systems integration or mobile operations (on a cart)
  •  Direct electrical connection to the external backing pump is possible
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